She gave me her phone number?

she gave me her phone number, but did I screw up by texting her out for a date, I was just so nervous to ring her.


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  • You texted her? To ask her out. Some girls are okay with that, but most would rather be asked out witha phone call or in person.

    • it was a nervous thing man, I am definitely going to ring more often after, if everything goes well.

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    • Oh don't worry I most definitely will, and thanks for your advice man you have been a great help.

    • No problem brother.

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  • Some women don't like it, I for one. I think it's immature. If a man wants to ask me out then he can make the effort to call and show some decency.

    • Yeah I wasn't trying to be immature I was just really nervous, I do promise though if we like each other I will ring, ring like no tomorrow, well not that bad :P

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