Would you go for a girl you like that has a boyfriend?

Ok problem is i really like a girl that has a boyfriend, i'm the type of guy that is not easy to fall for a woman but when i do i fall hard, the girl is a colleague of mine we don't get to talk a lot since we're both busy and she's far from where my workstation is at so i don't get to see her a lot lately. I really want to ask her out but I am hesitating because of first rejection and knowing that he has a man and second getting friendzoned its an embarrasment at work although when I met her for the first time she opened up to me and she initiates the conversation and seem interested, i remembered that she gave me a high five one day I got to touch her soft hands so i'm thinking that she is also into me whats your take on this appreciate it if the ladies would also give their opinion if they were in this situation.


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  • 100% nope.

    Can't believe you would consider breaking the mancode. How would you feel if someone asked this question about a girl you were in a relationship with?

    • Will it be different if you feel that the girl likes you?

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    • So what do you suggest just treat her nice, respect her status and pray that she'll start to develop feelings for you and break up with his man

    • Yes, pretty much that. I know it's not much, but he got to her first. That's fair play man.

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  • I have had guys ask me out while I was in a relationship, co-workers and even friends who KNEW I had a bf. I would not ever consider dating them. Not even now that I've broken up with my recent ex.
    It's just disrespectful to me, my bf, the relationship, and the guy hinself. Wait your turn.

  • Well she has a boyfriend as far as you know, so she's off limits.


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  • No I wouldn't.

  • No ring, no foul.

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