I seriously don't know what's this guy deal?

So I've been talking to this guy for a couple of months now and I like him... a lot. Well anyways I don't know how he truly feels about me and when I ask him he gives me answers like "you know I like you" "if I didn't like you I wouldn't be still around". So I haven't asked the question again after that because I don't want to seem needy or like a nag.

But now it's like our conversations change from all day every day. To once a day, or every other day. What's his deal? Is there somebody else? or Should I just find someone else?


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  • With him hymning and hawing and not coming straight out and telling you everything, sweetie, he most likely isn't Into a Real Relationship right now and isn't being Up front and personal in saying so.
    Keep it light and semi sweet for now. He knows how you feel so don't say anymore. He probably does want you in his life, but at his convenience so go slow with his flow and find out if there is more in store by nursing and nurturing what you have right now.
    He is sporadic, I see, so he himself is this straight shooter by letting you know in an indirect way that his moves are unpredictable and he says what he feels like And-----When. He doesn't want to be hooked a the hip, so silence with the lip, go easy.
    Yes, 'Find someone else' if this is going nowhere in the future. There is no guarantee but death and taxes and it's your choice, your call if you want to wait to for someone who may only lead you down a dead beaten path of no promises.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, this was really helpful!

    • You are so welcome... typical of many of today's toms.:)) xx

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  • Ask him out. Boom, his answer is your answer.

  • he likess youu alott :$

  • he is blowing hot and cold with you. Confront him.

    • What do you mean by "blowing hot and cold with me"?

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