I haven't had a relationship in forever?

i haven't had a relationship in forever, but my main question is does it make you happy, happy like you want to run around the park shouting their name, ah I don't no just feeling something different.


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  • No someone may think you have lost your cat if you run around the park shouting there name, but when someone makes you happy, then you are glad when you see them, you want to hug and touch them a lot, when they text you it makes you smile and when they call it shows they care. You dont want to upset them and would do anything just to a smile on their face.

    • hahaha thanks im just really happy at the moment that's all

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    • That's a good point, hope the start of your weekend is as great as mine :D

    • Ohh i dont think it's as quite as good as yours is haha but its good

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