Guys, would you want to know if it was your girlfriends first exclusive relationship?

I'm not going to lie and he knows I have dated around a lot, he just doesn't know they were open relationships, and I don't know if I need to tell him, I mean I'm his first girlfriend and I'm terrified he will dump me when I tell him... But I need to know if I have to tell him that this is my first exclusive relationship


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  • Why would a guy dump you from hearing that?

    • I just, I feel like he'd take it as I'm more likely to cheat or go behind his back because of never having been in a situation where it's one guy before I mean a friends boyfriend dumped her when she told him she was normally in open relationships

    • Well that is the risk you take by having "open relationships" is that some guys don't want to be with girls who are in them. That doesn't mean you should be dishonest with him.

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