He doesn't spend as much time with me anymore?

Close guy friend and I used to spend every day together last year. We were inseperable. Now these days I'm lucky to get twice a week. I'm not sure what's going on with him lately but he seems to have either lost interest in our friendship. I used to think he has feelings for me because the signs are as follows: we hug each other and he kisses me on the forehead. When he's playful he'd playfully shove me. But today I was lucky enough to get a couple of kisses on the forehead and a quick cuddle before saying goodbye. Guys help me out here, when you're grumpy aren't as affectionate? Do you scared of developing feelings for a close friend?


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  • Your signs are meaningless.

    Also, he's busy or bitchy. One of the two.

    Also, these things fade anyway.

    • Ouch :(

    • Don't worry; someone else will come along with something loving and filled with cute spices and happiness.

What Girls Said 1

  • I see the signs of the times that he Possibly could have his Sights set on someone else, sweetie.
    If you both were in this Close relationship,, nearly 'Inseparable,' then it is a big possibility that he has found another interest and is preoccupied with new thoughts.
    I also feel that if he wanted a real relationship with you, he would have made the move. However, you both have this chemistry that once was sizzling but now, I am seeing something else that has taken his mind off you with his Hit and Miss kiss.
    Watch for more signals that he is giving... as time goes on, you should be getting more that could be in store.
    However, another thought to throw your way, he may not want to Lead you into Believing that he is ready for a Real relationship and is simply backing off.
    Good luck. xx

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