Should I help set them up?

Alright so this kid has told me and still does tell me that he really likes me. The other day he broke up with his girlfriend and then asked me to go out (I didn't respond to him) then my best friend to go out. My best friend is 5 years younger than him and she likes this other kid named Evan. When I told her he liked her she got really excited cause an older guy liked her. He asked me the other day to ask her if she would want to go on a date with him. He said he was just curious, but I think if she does say yes he is going to ask her out.

The thing I'm worried about is that if they do get together it's going to be awkward and if they break up it's gonna be even more awkward. Her parents are also going to say no because he is to old for her. She also told me that she is staying loyal to her other crush, Evan, but it might change if she finds out that he was thinking of going out with her.

What should I do? Should I ask her if she wants to go out with him and then tell him?

Thanks everyone! And I'm happy to say that when I asked her she said she doesn't like him one bit! She still likes Evan! And I thank everyone for lifting my spirits!


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  • This guy is lame! He tell you that he likes you and then uses you to ask out your much too young best friend. That is not the kind of guy you want to be dealing with. He obviously doesn't truly like you if he's willing to use you so maliciously like that. Ew

    Don't tell your friend that he asked her out. Keep her away from him and stay away from him yourself. It always feel good to know that an older guy likes you, but 5 years older is a bit much. And if he's going to use you to get to someone, he could just as easily use your friend to get someone else.

    You deserve better than him and so does your friend


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  • First of all, the last thing someone recently out of a relationship should be doing is looking for a new relationship. They need some time to get back into the swing of their own life, and move on from what they had with that person. Someone who hops from relationship to relationship doesn't know how to be happy with themself as an individual. Don't let you or your friends near a guy like that!

    Second of all, he broke up with his girlfriend, then he asked you out, then he asked someone else out. It doesn't sound like he's working from where his heart is. If your friend likes someone else, and is just interested in this guy because he's an older guy, that's bad news. Five years is a pretty big age gap if your friend is still under the rule of her parents.

    I think both of you should stay away from this guy.

  • Okay well tell her

    1)see _______ likes you but what if even likes you?

    2)that guy_____ likes you not her he is trying to make you jealous

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