Am I being too clingy?

Met a girl two weeks ago. Talked to her on the phone for hours every day and she would text me during the week. We went on two dates in a row, Friday and Saturday and she slept over on both nights. We had sex for the first time in Friday .

She interns at a hospital from 730am to 330 Monday to Friday and recently started working in a new department. She has a two year old and works part time at a food store at night.

This Monday she didn't text me in the morning, so I texted her first around noon asking how her first day in the new part of the hospital was going. She took 6 hours to reply and just said it was good and that people were friendly. Then I called her around 8 and she didn't pick up so I left it then texted her around 10 to see if she was awake to chat before bed. No reply so the next day ( Tuesday) I sent a text saying I feel she wants some space and she's probably sick of me cause we talked and hungout so much last week :P she replied an hour later with "No I just picked up a shift tonight"

I leave it and don't text her back that night and don't text her Wednesday. Then yesterday (Thursday ) I sent her a text in the morning saying good morning beautiful :) I hope you have fun at the hospital today. And asked her if she will be free if I call her later at night or will she be working. I get no reply all day so around 7 I call her and no answer. Then she texts me a few mins later saying "Sorry I'm busy" so then I wait an hour and then text her a picture of my Christmas tree and a flirty Text about how I finished setting up the tree and now all I need is her under the mistletoe ;)

She didn't reply and now it's Friday morning. What should I do? I'm thinking I should leave her alone for a few days and see if she contacts me or if she doesn't then I should call or text her on Monday. What do you think?


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  • She just sounds really busy!

    • Yah your probably right. It's just that last week when we talked all week she would still text me inbetween on her breaks

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    • Yah that is true. I think I'll text her Sunday evening if she doesn't text me first and ask her what her schedule is this week and we should plan something

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  • I think she's interested but it seems like she is extremely busy. I would wait till she contacts you because it seems like she's overwhelmed

    • Yah I'll wait till Sunday night and then send her a text if she doesn't contact me first. Thanks for your opinion

  • I think she likes u bt it sounds like she is really busy with the 2 jobs and kid im sure she would call back or text back quickly bt she probably has a strict job especially at the hospital as an intern give her a few days I would / text her Monday and ask her schedule in advance :) so u guys can spend more time together.

    • good advice. thanks I'll try that !

    • I hope everything works out for u :)

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