So does he have feelings for me and is it okay for me to date him?

Ok so there is this really nice, funny and sporty guy in my class. I like him because he makes my laugh and make me feel happy, too. So we have most of our classes together and so that has us spending a lot of time in the same room. I see him staring at me in the corner of my eye, when I sit behind him. We also catch each other's eyes sometimes and he smiles and I smile back. The only thing is that he used to date one of my closest friends and I haven't told her that I have feelings for him. So Firstly does he like me and secondly should I tell my friend.


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  • you should let your friend know you have some feelings so that she isn't taken by surprise if something were to happen. try to see and make sure she is cool with it, she most likely won't be. but all you need is that oaky. then do something.


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