Feels more like a relationship than friends with benefits?

We met over acyear ago and have never gone a day with out messaging , and I mean all day everyday ! We talk about everything even deep secrets and we share the same pasts and likes we turn to each other when we are down to. He lives 2 hours away from me so visits once a month and because of work it can be hard at times. When we are together sex is hot we please each other and we connect. We have had a few arguments and that's been over silly misunderstandings abd he always forgives and says he doesn't want to law me etc. The other night we met just for a few hours we cuddled and I told him I'll miss him and he said he would miss me to. I have told him I've fallen for him and if that's made things worse he would've surely ended it? I just care for him so much like he says he does me , what do you think?

The distance doesn't bother me it's nice in a way , I do feel confused tho


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  • Surprise, surprise a person involved in a friends with benefits has developed feelings for the person she is having regular sex and contact with him. Shock, horror. This whole friends with benefits stuff is a load of tripe and is simply a delusional fantasy created in the minds of commitment-phobes and delusional people who think they can simply have sex and behave like they're in a relationship with their 'friend' and they won't become attached in some capacity.

    If you like this man then why not sit him down and talk about being exclusive? I mean you're comfortable being naked together, so surely you can have an adult like conservation? Good luck.

    • Not as easy as you put it , I find it hard to express myself plus I'm insecure and scared of rejection :/

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    • Then there's nothing more I can say.

    • Thank you tho :)

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  • friends with benefits is a type of relationship so... There's that.


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  • a friends with benefits can evolve to an actual full on relationship, but it's up to you both to acknowledge it if you want to move further past it.