Crush said "we're just friends"?

My crush, another guy and me were sitting and talking and they two guys came into the subject "who'd your rather go out with" and the guy said " I know that you'd go out with her (me)" to my crush, who replied "nahh we're just friends" and then he looked at me to say something and I just agreed.
Although I really do think he likes me a bit more because he's:
- constantly teasing me (playfully pushing and kicking, pulling my hair, stepping on my shoes, pulling my backpack, putting pieces of clothing on my head and etc.)
- touching me (he covered my eyes and held me from behind, he grabs my face, and he stands quite close, although he might do this with others)
- joking, tries to make me laugh, makes fun of my accent and what I say
-he looks straight into my eyes and sometimes my mouth

These are only a few...
Guys, do you think he just wanted to see my reaction by saying "we're just friends" or does he mean it?

I don't really know how he acts around other girls because I only see him a breaks although girls often approach him.


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  • It wasn't a private moment between the two of you. Like you said there was another guy there and he most likely would have been teased the moment he agreed... What did you want from him, to express his undying and unwavering love for you in that moment haha


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  • Well look at how he normally acts with girls. Does he date a lot? Does he flirt a lot with other girls? If so then he's probably telling the truth.

    However, I think if I were him I might be unsure of how you felt, and said we were just friends just to be safe. If he's more quiet around girls normally, then I think he might be lying. Just because he said that definitely doesn't mean he meant it, he might just be unsure like I said, or he might be trying to see your reaction like you said.

  • Kicking u?
    I think he is friendlier then flirtier

  • Why not ask him out on a date and find out just how much he does or does not like you?

  • friendzoned bro lol


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