Girlfriend lying about experience?

I'm four years older and I think she saying what she thinks I want to hear. Is it possible a younger girl will lie about a promiscuous past to sound more conifdent mature or experienced?


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  • It's possible, she doesn't want to disappoint you we all would like to be confident and be good for the person we are doing intimate things with..

  • yes! especially if you talk about it all the time she probably thinks that's what is expected of he

    • yeah our relationship is very sexual.. and for someone reason she thinks I used to be a huge player.. hey im not going to tell her she's wrong lol

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    • Well I kind of already blew that. I called her out. She did get very defensive.

    • well that's okay if she did get defensive its not the end of the world. she wouldn't be trying to impress you if she didn't like you so much. maybe the longer you see he she will feel less need to try to convince you she's experienced

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