Boyfriend wants to hang out with his ex?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a month and he told me his ex girlfriend (that he dated for 6 months) is coming back to town in a couple weeks. He said he's going to the mall with her to catch up. Is that sketchy or am I worrying too much?


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  • Umm. No and no and no way. Why does he need to catch up with her, she is an "ex" for a reason. Are they friends now, like in contact and so forth? Need more info, but my instincts are screaming NOOOOO!

    • They broke up because she moved to Florida. I don't think they've been in contact, but he said they're just friends and that she has a boyfriend back home.

    • Then HECK no. They didn't break up because they wanted to, or she cheated or whatever. Oh no no HECK no.

    • loool. Based on what you told opinion owner, they're getting together to double cross their partners (one if them is you)

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  • It wouldn't sit well with me, I wouldn't try to stop a girl going to see an ex but I will severe ties with her.

    I don't want old baggage brought into my relationship and an ex coming back into equation is baggage and it's something I am just not prepared to put up with.

  • no fuckin way wouldn't be happening


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  • Definitely sketchy I would have a serious conversation about this and explain to him how it might make you feel if you did go and hang out with her and if he doesn't respect that then he's not the guy for you because he should not be going out with his ex girlfriend whatsoever when he is in a relationship with you