Why won't she tell him about me

My girlfriend still gets text messages and calls from her ex who she broke up with with for sleeping with her best friend. She doesn't return his texts and doesn't answer his calls (if she does she is really rude to him) but there's just one little nagging problem. she doesn't feel like he needs to know about me or even talk to her. I just don't understand why she wouldn't just go ahead and tell him I'm dating her now. Would anyone be able to offer me a little piece of mind?


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  • Is there a chance she still has feelings for him? If he cheated on her she must have some feelings for him, whether she's mad or sad. Maybe just really hurt. And as much as she's into you he may still be on her mind, and she might not realize how much. Possibility she does text him back and you don't see them (maybe deleted)?


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  • Either she doesn't want to hurt his feelings further, or she's waiting for him to come groveling back and forgive her for what she did. How long ago was the break-up? If it wasn't long ago, you may be the rebound. It seems that she doesn't mind hopping from person to person.

    She's the one who cheated, yet she's still being rude to her ex. The whole thing seems backwards.

    • No he cheated on her.

    • Ohhhh, I was confused. If her ex cheated on her, why would she want to talk to him at all? If they aren't on speaking terms, then you won't exactly come up in conversation.