One for the ladies, regarding relationships?

Would you be more inclined to date a guy that's in a band by default without knowing much about him simply because he is a musician? Or would you date a guy not in a band that you know more about?


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  • I personally think it's important to know more about the guy that I'm dating. I guess it depends on what you really want out of the relationship. I've dated guys that played in bands before, and they are actually pretty selfish... a girl that dates a guy in a band will probably get to know him very well actually, because he won't shut up about himself. If I wanted to date someone that had common interests, likes, etc., then we'd have more to talk about and more to do together. It's hard to be committed to someone that you know nothing about except that he plays in a band and wears tight jeans.

    • Ah, good answer, I've just been passed over by a lot of women that want to be with guys in bands, because of all the perks that women can get from being in a band, I can't deliver those sort of perks, so I guess in the eyes of some women I don't make the cut.

    • Or how about in your eyes, some women don't make your cut, lol. Be confident in the fact that your not a in a band and cuddle your guitar at night. If you're not what some girls are looking for, then they can move along and make room for the girls that want to get to know YOU :-)

    • I've had such a bad run of luck with women since I started dating, you don't even wanna know, I mean I'm a nice person but I suppose that only goes so far when you can't take your girlfriend out to a fancy high dollar dinner at the drop of a hat.

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  • Honestly, I'm Less inclined to date a musician. One of my exes would sing me songs and play his guitar for me and it ruined a ton of songs for me.


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