I'm confused should I go out with her or just let it pass?

There's a girl that I like very much I would even take a bullet for her I asked her out she said ok but now I saw a post of another guy to her profile with a love song and he commented "my love <3" she just made ":)) :*" emoticons then again he commented "MY girl" she didn't answer back. There's my question should I go out with her?


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  • Go ahead, Alex_PS, take her out, she said "ok," so don't let her down by Renigging because some other schmo from Idaho is stepping on your turf by writing some 'Love song' on her profile that may or may not be Anything but his own feelings that have danced away with him, and Something he is trying to get across to her... she only smiled, she didn't say anything in return... she was most likely just flattered with all the sweet serenades and sweet talk.
    You can find out more in store when you both hang out. I also believe that if she had this real deal for Him, she wouldn't be accepting your own offer so graciously... she would have shot you down and told you----No.
    By going out with her, you will be able to find out where you stand and if you have a chance for romance... a little competion never hurt anyone.
    Good luck. xx

    • Jesus Christ thank you so much you cheered me up. Should I confess her about my feelings when we go out on a date?

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    • Ok so I should bring up random things to talk about what if she asks me why I asked her out?

    • Yes, just be yourself, friendly and out going, talk about you, her, her interests... try and see if there is a chemistry.. if she asks, just though tit would be nice, since she seems like a nice girl, to hang out and being it's the holidays soon, what better time to hang out... you don't have to mention friends or a relationship or anything mushy... just feel it out. She may want a relationship, even friendship is good to start so a person can grow on you and you on them (Which you have already with her). xx

  • Go out with her. She can't help what others post on her page. Even if she is seeing the other guy it may not be serious, I think it's normal for most people to see (not sleep with) multiple people until they make a mutual decision to be exclusive.


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