Is it ok if my boyfriend doesn't text you for 2 whole days or more?

I have been dating my boyfriend for awhile , and me and my boyfriend always talk to each other and make sure we say goodnight to each other. but these past day or two he hasn't replied or text me back.. is that ok?


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  • If you both are in this relationship that has always been on Cue with 'Always talk to each other and...' then when something Unusual Crops up that could be Important, I am sure he has a Perfect excuse... give him the benefit of the doubt until you have more proof in the pudding that something is not good in Denmark.
    Give it a few more days and if you don't hear anything, Then you should be concerned that perhaps something has happened on his end with Pushing No buttons On------His end.
    Go to his house if you have to. Maybe someone is sick, hurt, who knows what could be wrong. You are his soul mate and if you both have gotten in this Nightly routine to 'Say goodnight to each other,' then be his life support and check this out further.
    If nothing has led you to believe up to this point in time that you smell a rat or something just isn't koshore, then focus on the fact that one never knows what is going on Their end that may prohibit them From-----These past day or two he hasn't replied or text me back.
    Good luck, hope everything checks out okay, sweetie. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand here.. I hope everything is okay.:)) xxoo

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  • No! Its not okay that your bf hasn't texted me in 2 whole days. Tell him to pick up his text game off the floor and message me now! I'll wait patiently.

    • lmao. he doesn't play video games but i will

  • You decide what is okay or not in your relationship.


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  • It's fine if your boyfriend doesn't text me. :P

    That being said, try actually calling him; you have an excuse if he isn't responding to text. At least then you will have an answer.

    • he doesn't like it when people call him.. so none of his friend call not even his mom

  • ... Have you reached out to him?

    • ya i tried to text him but no reply and I don't know what i should do

    • I would be alarmed. I don't think it is right he doesn't text you if you have constant communication typically. It is "off"... If it was me, I would be more worried that he is okay more than anything else... You are under 18... has he been in school? Is something going on in his home life? If he acts nonchalant about not contacting you for two days and has no excuse then I would be worried about your relationship.