Is a guy saying 'cute' things an unattractive thing/a turn off for girls?

I keep being told by girls here that certain answers I give are cute and I'm often told that I'm sweet. My question is should I act differently irl, in front of girls I actually am trying to be with in order to be seen as attractive?

Guys are generally expected to be the tough and level headed ones whereas I'm something of a sensitive romantic tbh. This is why I'm wondering if I should hold back on this part of my personality. If so, for how long?

  • Yes, girls would be turned off.
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  • Don't say anything like that until the relationship has turned sexual. Otherwise you'll be seen as a friend.
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  • It makes no difference at all.
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  • No, it would actually be seen as an attractive thing.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Trust me, girls love it :)

    • So do you think it would help with getting a girlfriend or just with keeping one?

    • Both. My boyfriend has always been very sweet and romantic as a person. It really shows me that he cares for me and it helped me get over my trust issues. Just be who you are and I'm sure you'll find the right girl :)

    • Thanks. :)
      I'd probably feel bad if I tried anything else tbh.

      Why do you think that the guys vote the way they have so far? Cute, sweet and adorable are seen as negative it seems. As if we (guys) feel we have to be aggressive or macho to be attractive to or respected by women.

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What Girls Said 6

  • Usually it's not considered an attractive thing. I've seen plenty of girls who call guys "sweet" or "nice" based on the things they say and yet they friendzone them and go after other guys.

    • That's why I'm asking. The things is if you were to ask those girls what they want a guy to be they'd probably say sweet as being part of their list.
      Would you say I should hold back on that kind of thing?

    • It depends on the girl. I am in a relationship with a sweet/gentle guy but according to what I've noticed most girls go after other types of guys.
      The question here is: Are you willing to change your behavior? Or are you willing to be yourself till someone falls for you?
      There is no right answer. You need to make a choice. If you're willing to change your behavior you have to hold back on that kind of thing. It's entirely up to you.

    • Hmm. You see I don't believe in the whole "there's someone for everyone" thing. So I would be worried that this might mean I'll always come 2nd to some idiot. I guess I'll probably just relax and be myself and hope that it doesn't hinder me too much wrt dating.

  • If you need to hold back a part of your personality to get attention, you're not being honest with them and they may end up falling for someone you're not.

    Are you prepared to live a facade for their sake?

    Men should seriously stop trying to fit into some "manliness" box and just be themselves.
    Being manly is staying true to yourself and being firm in your choices, not saying or doing "guy stuff".

    Look at Eddie Izzard, the man wears dresses and makeup, yet he has more confidence and character to him, than some testosterone driven macho knob head.

    • Good point. Tbh I'll probably just do what I've said anyway. Anything else doesn't come naturally. With any luck it won't result in me struggling too much wrt dating and girls.

  • The only time "cute" is bad for a guy is if a girl says his penis is cute. Otherwise, cute is fine. Every guy should say cute things once in a while, bonus points if it makes her blush.

    • So I guess it's a good thing as none of those girls had seen my penis. XD


      Or maybe...

  • I personally would find it attractive if a guy was secure enough in his masculinity to be sensitive and nice. You do need to be careful that you don't just come across as a friend, but you can do that by complimenting her appearance, etc.

  • Be yourself! Acting like someone you're not will only attract people you really won't want to be with in the long run. If they don't like you for who you are then move on. You will save everyone time and heartache.

    • I know. Tbh I'll probably do what you're suggesting regardless of the poll results. I was just curious what girls would say. I don't believe that there is someone for everyone so I was curious if being 'me' would put many women off.

  • Any positive descriptive word (cute, hot, funny, silly, adorable, sexy, etc.) is always a good thing coming from a girl. We don't really separate them into different levels like guys seem to. Guys seem to separate them into a "trumping" system.

    Guys, it seems are more likely to think of them like this: adorable<cute<sweet<hot<sexy. With adorable-sweet equaling bad/friendzone and hot/sexy = good/relationship.

    Girls are more likely to think more like this adorable=cute=sweet=hot=sexy. And all of them are positives and a sign of interest with only slight differences in description. My boyfriend can be sexy and adorable all at the same time.


What Guys Said 3

  • Remember that "here" you are being interpreted only by your words. Tone, poise, stance, etc. all go into real-life interactions which may effect the cuteness. I have the opposite problem; I say terribly rude things everywhere and yet am cute in real life somehow. And I am a total dick.

    What I mean is give up.

    • You crack me up, lol. I always end up shaking my head and smiling when I read your answers. You pull no punches!

    • It's funny but he's right. You are what you are. Be the guy you are.

      You can't fake it.

      You might get friend zoned. It could happen easily. But you could also find a girl who loves it & you for it. Just depends.

    • Your answers are always bizarre.
      they're more whatever you're thinking at that moment rather than an actual answer. XD Though this time it wasn't so bad.

      @JandM2014 Very good advice. I'll remember that. :)

  • As long as your establish yourself as a strong man with sexual desire... this "cuteness" can actually be an asset.

    The issue is that most of these guys don't flirt, don't playfully touch, don't say openly sexual remarks, etc... and are viewed as platonic friends by girls.

  • I just think that's the language you hear as you enter the "friendzone" lol

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