Best way to turn someone down?

This is typical. I have no attention from girls for a long time. Then suddenly 2 show interest at once.

So I've been on a couple of dates with this girl. We are getting on great and I think it could lead somewhere. She is not my girlfriend but I really like and am very hopefully.

Then this other girl from work has started to show an interest in me. She has not asked me out but people are telling me she likes me, she has been very flirty with me. At the risk of sounding arrogant, it may be a matter time before she does ask. She told me she was going to buy me some mistletoe and put it on above her head.

She is a really nice girl and very pretty. If it had been a month ago I would have jumped at the chance to date her. However I would not feel right going on a date with her when I plan on going on more dates with the other girl. Even though I am still single, it wouldn't feel right.

How do I turn her down? Should I tell her about the other girl. Or should I come up with another reason so if things don't work out with the first girl, she may still be interested.

The main thing is I don't want to upset her and don't want things to be awkward as we work at the same place.


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  • I'd be perfectly honest & hopefully she'll admire you for it. I think it's really sweet that you don't want to date 2 girls at the same time. If you & the other one don't work out, just go into work looking sad then she'll ask you what's wrong & there's your 2nd chance.


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  • Start talking about this other woman you're seeing to other people around her.

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