I actually have fallen in love with a guy who won't open up…?

i have known him for 8 months now and I'm pretty sure i have fallen in love with him. i would marry this guy and i think about him 24/7 i don't meet other guys in hopes i don't lose my love.. when we hang out we have a good time last time he told me why don't u just get pregnant and move in with me. but i don't know how serious he is because he has not asked me to date him and after we have sex he takes weeks to call me but he sais he likes me. i have told him i liked him so he knows.. but i just don't know if I'm hurting my self by waiting around for a guy who is not coming around or to just give him time.. i did once ask him if he was hurt before he didn't respond. so could it be cuz his just afraid of getting hurt again.. how can i go about this to know if I'm wasting my time or not


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  • I see potential problems. #1 with him the statement of get pregnant and move in. That's not true love. #2 he seems to be carrying secrets. He's too secretive. #1 with you. You think you're in love. If you were you'd know no its and or buts. #2 your statement of not being around other guys so you won't lose your love for him. When real true love is involved your free to go anywhere and do anything with anyone because you in you're mind don't see other men in a potential romantic way. There's problems here. Don't do anything sudden or stupid

    • hmm all very good points.. thank you

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