How do you get a guy to stop liking you?

Okay I met this guy at a party ONCE like 4 months ago and at first I thought he was really attractive but he is the most cockiest arrogant guy ever.

I made the mistake of giving him my number and he immediately texted me that night and I ignored all his message and even now he still texts me every once in a while even though I ignore him.

It's really weird.


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  • The biggest mistake a girl can make in your situation, is thinking that "ignoring him will make him go away".


    It doesn't.

    Tell him to stop texting you and that you're not interested anymore, and to delete your number. Of course don't reply to his messages anymore (not even to yell at him; some guys will think he has made progress on you by 'tapping into your emotions').

    Then block him if you need to; there are apps for this on smartphones.

    Blocker [a gray lock icon] for Android works excellent for this.

    • Hmm okay and how do I deal with guys like this in real life? I always thought ignoring was the key..

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    • Kk I'll do that.

    • Glad I could help! :)

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  • Don't ignore him. That's ambiguous and can be taken as you playing hard to get or being confused about how you feel or still thinking him for.

    Just tell him directly you're not interested and youd like him to stop contacting you.

    The truth is often the best solution.

    • I'm pretty sure 4 months of me not talking won't be taken as hard to get to most guys though

    • People do it for longer than that. Hard to get asks as long as the chaser chases. And since tips guy is the way he is there's no reason for you to assume he's like most guys anyways.

  • you can't stop a person from liking u
    the only thing is to continue to keep a distance away from him if you dont like him

  • Just be annoying and do annoying girl crap he'll go away

  • Tell him you don't like him. 💁