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So i like this girl. I won't be seeing her until next year early January. We have talked a couple of times, but im planning to ask her out in January when i meet her again.

She seems to like me too, and she really is someone with whom i can see myself live the rest of my life with. But we are both in university and she's an international student. I don't know if she's planning to stay here after graduation. We are both in the same faculty, and we both have 1.5-2 years remaining before graduation.

I really want to get to know her better and start a relationship with her, but im the type of person who doesn't get in a relationship if it's bound to not last long.

Im not planning to break up, but since she isn't from here, would it be wise to start something for 2 years and expect that we stay together? Because LDRs dont work.
Would it be wise to date and hope that she'll be staying with me, here?



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  • Hmm.. In all honesty I dated someone who was abroad (from France) for 1 year.. Nice guy, he promised me he will be back.. (But don't wait around for it) easier said then done right.. Probably best not to go ahead with your plan.. Save yourself from the heartache

    • hmm.. well you are from Australia. It's like halfway across the globe.
      In my case she's just across the border (Canada).

    • And your in the states? If you want to make it work.. Be my guest you know.. But communication is vital in a LDR.. If you guys are on the same page with each other.. Make it work.. Beside most of us search most of our lives for love and if you think you have found it.. grab a hold of it and don't let it go..

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