The girl you once dated in your class...

This guy and I broke up a year ago and we dated for a month and a half. I didn't like the fact that he partied a lot and I told him that we can't be together if he does that...He didn't want to lose me over drinking but his excuse was that all his friends did it.

Anyway...things got weird communication wise after awhile and we mutually ended it. We both liked each other after we had broken up..He told me that he still wanted to be able to talk with me..I had been really short with him and he didn't understand why I was acting like that. We just stopped talking.

Then, I was talking to one of his best friends...and I had been kinda upset with him. I told his friend that he was a bad kisser (he really wasn't). His friend told him and he was like texted me and said "f*** you." He gave me this talk about how I obviously didn't care about him and that he never bad mouthed me to anyone. Anyway...we stopped talking for a year (juniors).

Then...the summer went by and now he's in 2 of my classes. He

stares at me sometimes and it's really awkward. He doesn't glare he just kinda looks at me...he looked hurt in a way idk...

Guys could you tell me what you think about this? Do you think there are feelings that are still there that have been suppressed after all this time?


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  • try tokn to him and explain him why you broke up.if he rely loves then he wil understand and do evrything you want to.jus giv it a try

  • There are feelings yet. Try to make things better soon.

    • I don't know how to make things better...I don't know what to do

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