How do I deal with always getting played?

There must be something wrong with me because I always get played. this last time was really really bad too. he made me feel so special, like he really wanted me, and to be honest he did go a little fast but we never had sex or kissed even, but he made me feel like there was something so real. i thought there was. and then he all of a sudden stops talking to me. he asked me not to play him, and then he goes and plays me like that? what the hell? could it be because i wasn't afraid to show him i liked him? do guys not like being told good morning beautiful? or saying hey we should hang out, you have time tomorrow? i know i can't change what happened, but i don't know how to deal with it. this is not my first time being played, I've only ever been played. not super experienced here, but all the experience I've had are guys playing me, and it really sucks you know? how do i cope with this, and how do i not let it happen again? i can't even cry because like, it keeps happening. please i have no idea what i keep doing wrong.


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  • You did nothing wrong, that guy was just a douche bag. I can say from a guys standpoint that i would always prefer if a girl i liked told me cute stuff and showed appreciation. If i wasn't interested in something serious i would make sure she was aware of that early on.

    • by the way how long did you know this guy or how long did you date rather?

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    • no problem, and i hope you find the right guy for you soon enough

    • thanks, me too.

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  • At that point you have to consider you are choosing the wrong guys or its something you are doing, like are you letting the guy know you like him but want to wait for sex, or just rejecting his advances?

  • Girls are awful at choosing men, most the time when they get a good guy they're lucky. Only other guys can really spot it.


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