Would you say I'm really romantic?

I just have moments where I can listen to a song tolike will not back down by Alex band and I visualize having a girlfriendrlfriend and us being a happy couple and going to candlelightcandlelight dinners, lalaying under the stars together


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  • Used to have moments like u mate. But on my journy through life iv met a few special shilas. Now i wonder about them i woder if the nxt is guna be special not so special..

    • Oh I still think lots about the good times with the special ones and smile:-) thanks 4 giving me mho M8

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  • I think most teenagers think in a similar way. We fall in love with our dream. Then somehow life happens, hearts get broken and dreams are crushed. We lose our way and spend the remaining of our lives to try to find our way back to a dream we never really had.

    • I'm 23 man but I can sometimes just listen to songs abd start thinking about being with a girl

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    • But its not something Thats temporary I have always been like this

    • I'm not so sure you will feel the same way when you are 35.
      Anyway, there's nothing wrong with visualising what we want and long for in life. I think it's something we all humans have in common.

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