What are your turn-offs?

The question is pretty self explanatory and it's open to everybody, you can list as many or as few negative qualities as you want.

These are my turn-offs:
- Women who smoke cigarettes. I'm fine with weed smokers because weed actually has some benefits, while cigarettes are just pure filth.
- Women who are close-minded with everything (tastes in music, cinema, fashion. food, etc.; religious and/or political beliefs).
- Women who are apathetic about what's going on in the world.
- Women who hop from relationship to relationship like it's some kind of game to them.
- Women who act materialistic and self-entitled.
- Women who are into guys "with swag."
- Women who are alcoholics.
- Women who don't want to do anything with their lives or who don't have any kind of plan for themselves.
- Women who are taller and/or heavier than me. I'm 5'11" and 220 pounds, so it would be pretty rare for a girl to be bigger than me and therefore this is not unreasonable.

These are my personal opinions and as a guy I am allowed to have them, just like girls are allowed to say that they aren't into short and/or fat men, so do not try to come at me with accusations of being "sexist" or having "disgusting standards" because ain't nobody got time for that bullshit.


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  • I personally do not like facial hair, tattoos (without meaning), sagging pants and anything of the like, no ideas or future plan for their lives, not independent, immature

    • Smoking as well

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    • A large number of guys my age who live in my town are just like that, they try to act all big and shit on social media sites (especially on Instagram) and it's so annoying.

    • It is permanent and painful, they will probably regret it when they are 65and have wrinkly skin

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  • 1. Guys who take longer to get ready than me.
    2. Guys who mess with their faces like women. (Girly Eyebrows; Don't mind if they clean them up though)
    3. "Pretty" boys (Different from well dressed, stylish men) or Excessively baggy clothes (Do you need help finding your size?)
    4. Cheap Guys (I'll pay for my stuff don't worry but don't take me to McDonalds cause you don't want to pay to go to nice reasonably priced restaurants)
    5. Guys who are controlled by their moms (Its a 2 person deal, its not a me, you, and yo momma thing)

  • If your mom still drives you to school YOU ARE NOT A GANGSTER!!! Pull your pants up. That's my biggest one.

  • haha I d say
    Guys who are cocky
    Guys who wear skinny jeans
    Guys who don't act like their true self to impress you. biggest one I rather you just be your self because usually you can see right through it
    Guys without manners
    Guys who aren't spontaneous
    Think that's about it haha

  • People who list a bunch of standards for others to live up to. (you are no one, you could die in 5 min and i would not even hear about it on the news where i live)

    No one can please everyone, its just stupid to me, find real issues in life.

    • I am perfectly allowed to have any number of standards (which are not unreasonable) because it's what I want, and you are basically saying that I shouldn't be allowed to have any.

      Also, you're just as much of a nobody on here as I am, so your death would not impact me either. Have a good day.

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    • ok now its getting a bit gay here ill be on my way

    • lol :) jokes

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  • very good question :). after getting suitable opinions, I suggest you to make a take on it after compiling info from here.

  • hm, im probably my biggest turn off, i mean really, what poor sap falls for me

  • When I think about the girls I've known who have been really annoying, most have been feminists. Girls who have feminist attitudes and behaviors are just abrasive and not very fun to be around.

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