Telling a guy you love him?

I have feelings for a friend of mine. We flirt and he stares at me, but nothing has ever happened between us.
I want to tell him, but don't have the guts to do it to his face.
I missed his birthday party, which he's mad at me for, but being around him and the girl he's dating is like torture for me.
I'm heading back to my folks next week for Christmas. I want to post him his birthday present and send him a letter I've written to him, basically telling him how I feel.

I don't know if this is a good idea or not.
I need to tell him how I feel. It's killing me.


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  • well this is a hard one... for how long exactly have you known him, that maters a lot, for it determines if the time is right or you just seem like a infatuated weirdo. what are some things he said to you in exact words, for i could determine if he really likes you or just sees you as a friend. believe me i have been in this situation, and have the girl end up not liking me, but that was because i chose to ignore the sines. so what are the sines telling you.

    PS:a girlfriend is a big obstacle, even if he dose like you he may deny you anyways to be faithful to his girl. and on the other side, be careful if he is the hit it and quit it type, cuz that will just destroy you emotionally, but affect him none.

    PPS: love is a strong word, i believe that you should only use it if you mean it. me personally am waiting to save that three letter phrase for my future bride. so sharing your feelings is always the way to go, but it's your choice on how much you want to share.

    • So you should defiantly tell him, but it depends if you should use "love" or not.

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    • I'm not sure I have the guts to say it to his face.
      That's a problem.
      Plus I tend to cry super easily.
      Might be super humiliating.

    • Thats the point, you want him to feel the sincerity that you have for him, he needs to see you say it. your words will be more powerful and moving. this is good for you what ever he chooses to do. even if he rejects you he seems like the kind kind of guy to hug you anyways and comfort you afterwards, which is better than getting a letter. if you want a better chance and/or better experience overall. you need to say it to his face, when you two are alone.

      when it comes to having the guts, think of how bad you want to tell him, and imagine that you cannot send a letter. this way you are motivated by your love for him to talk to him, and not by your fear to send him a letter.

      if i would to suggest going to a casual date first, hang with him and have a fun time. then when the fun is all over, tell him. this way you confession is less random, and fits better with the environment.

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  • If it's killing you, then you should tell him. It'd be better if you had the chance to talk about it face to face but writing him a letter isn't a bad idea if you can't be more upfront about it.
    I hope he likes you back.
    Good luck!