Met this girl on match. She says things are going to fast but she was the one who went to fast? She got out of a 4 year long relatinship 4 months ago?

Met this girl on match few weeks ago, we met up had an amazing time. She tells me she wants things to go slow so I agree. But her actions did not match her words, she would call me after work, at lunch, call me to say goodnight and text me in the morning to say good morning handsome. Met her grandma only on the second date and went to her place and we cuddled on the couch for date 3. She kissed me first and drawn me in and always told me how perfect and happy I made her fell. Went to her place the 3rd date everything went perfect then once I got home got a text saying " your an amazing guy and so sweet to me, I fell special to have had this time with you but things are going to fast for me I'm so sorry this hurts me to tell you that I haven't been completly honest with you I just got out of a 4 year long relatinship 4 months ago and I can't commit to you in a relatinship right now" how did she now I wanted a relatinship with her? I didn't ask her to be my gf yet. asked her if we where done she said " I don't fell like it's that black and white". Really like this girl so told her I would wait for her. Few days later she unhid her math profile. She doing this to help her self heal from her ex? And should I unhid my profile also? Or will that blow up in my face with her since I told her I would wait? Haven't talked to her since that night.


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  • Why should you have to wait? You have done nothing wrong! It sounds like she may have used you as a rebound to help her get over her ex. I'm not saying that she didn't enjoy your company; she clearly did. Or maybe she is developing feelings for you and she doesn't want to so soon.
    I'm sorry that you really like this girl but I think you should steer clear as she is obviously not in the best place right now. She has led you on and is now getting second thoughts (after introducing you to her grandma on 2nd date?).
    Yes unhide your profile and find someone that can be straight with you from the start.

    • Think I will do exactly that. When we would meet up she would make comments like im falling for you to fast, maybe I'm not ready and so on. Kinda saw this coming

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  • How long has it actually been since you two communicated?

    • This past Tuesday was the last time we talked. That was when she sent that text.

    • Hm. Fuck it all. You've got better things to do and she's already wasted 72 hours of your life.

    • Thanks for the comment

  • sounds like she misses being in a relationship with someone. I hope your not a rebound guy...

    • Honesty man I think she misses her ex and I was the rebound guy. Thinking that's why she ended it.

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