How to make her love me online?

So I'm falling in love with a girl from thailand that I've known her for 6 months, we get on well together but she only consider me as just a good friend :( I really really hate this! ! I have pure feelings for her and this is really torturing me... I feel kind of sad whenever I think about it, I 'm wondering what can I do to make her love me back? Man, She's really awesome girl, we have a lot of common interests and she's so so warm and beautiful what should I do with her please? I don't want to confess because I know I will be rejected, and if that happened, I am not sure whether I will continue talking with her or not ~ please help!


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  • show her your genitals :-PPPP

    just jk eh?

  • Man you're in the friend zone brah, time to move on