Should I ask my boyfriend to go on a date?

I have a few questions okay.
1. Ii don't know wether to ask my bf to go on a date tomorrow or wait til he asks to see me. What shoukd I do?
2. My mum would want to meet my bf before we meet up and I'm nervous she won't like hi. What should I do?
3. If we do go on a date what should we do and where should we go? Other than the movies cause there's nothing good on.
Please help.


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  • If you have established he's ur bf you shouldn't need to worry about this, and just ask
    Your mum could meet him after the date, so you could go on a date and go back to urs to watch a DVD movie or something
    In terms of what to do and where to go do something fun and different
    You could watch a movie, eat a meal, walk around a park, sit down at a cafe, go to London, go shopping
    There r LOADS of things to do
    Hope this helps! :)


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