Am I being too picky for a girlfriend?

I just want some who won't judge my disability of Asperger's and will make some social accommodations like: no strong eye contact, no teasing/flirting (I'm a very serious guy), etc.

The school made academics easier with accommodations, why won't girls do the same?

I tend to be very very emotional. Last week a girl Facebook rejected me and I cried the whole day and couldn't study for finals.

It doesn't seem worth getting free sex because if you get rejected/dumped, then you pay with your heart and that costs more than any hooker. At least prostitutes won't judge my disability.

We suffer a painful history and girls need to be reminded of that if they decide to date us. Hitler murdered all Germans with disabilities, including Autism and even the U. S. once considered euthanasia for developmental conditions in the 20s.


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  • Don't mix Hitler with this, please. Going a bit overboard.
    First of all, you might be too emotional, girls don't want a partner that is clingy. Unless they are the same type

    If you want to spend your money to get sex , then do it. Masturbating would be a lot cheaper.


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  • We? Women and men alike can have It's not a male phenomenon.

    Sorry you're having a rough time but it's not simply a matter of having aspergers.

    A lot of people woTh aspergers are in relationships.

    Also you can always join an sepia support group and meet people there.

    And a lot of peopke without asoergers get rejected. Beauty of life EVERYONE gets rejected no matter your back ground :p

  • Do the girls know you have it


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  • The school makes accommodations because it's required to. We (taxpayers) pay the schools to educate our kids.

    Girlfriends aren't being paid by some outside body. They have to choose you over any other guy they could be with.

    Girls will make some accommodations if you have a package of good traits that makes it worthwhile to them.

    for now you have to do the same as the rest of us. Minimize your weaknesses and maximize your strengths.

    (Btw the teasing I suspect some girls will live with at least if you just shrug it off. The deep eye contact is something most neurotypicals crave, at least sometimes. Might want to work on being able to do it with effort)

  • Simple answer is "no you aren't."

    My question is," how do you know you have Aspergers?"

    • I was diagnosed in 1999.

    • Ok, well being diagnosed at that age (going to assume 9 here), hopefully you realize that people can "grow out of things."

      When do you tell her about it (if you do)?