Is he flirting with me? Should I make a move?

I'll try to make this short:
We are high school seniors, have a class together, and have been talking for about two months now.

He remembers my favorite song, things I'm picky about, shows me his favorite music, sits right beside me every chance he gets, talks to me more than anyone else (definitely treats me differently than any of my friends who are around), suggests bands to listen to... All that. He also has really comfortable body language around me and asks me about myself. Would you think he is flirting with me?

Also, like I said, we've been talking for almost two months now but he hasn't asked for my number. Can I/should I ask him out on a super casual "hang out" or would I be coming on too strong? Maybe he just hasn't decided if he likes me yet.


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  • You both have been 'Talking' for a Month of Mondays now, sweetie, and with the sure signs of Someone who seems to know more about you in One 'Class together' than many people know about one another on even a First date, it appears that without this being written all over the school walls He-----Definitely treats me differently than any of my friends who are around.
    He doesn't seem the shy guy type, in my book here, dear. He is showing you attention and even throwing in some Affection. I see no reason of the season why he Wouldn't have gotten 'My number,' but perhaps he is not quite crystal clear that with his own Moves and grooves, how you may feel and may end up Handing him a Rejection slip, should he Make a Wrong----Move.
    Just for laughs and giggles, find out just serious stuff he is. Tell him that you think you would find it a lot fun to hang out sometime after the doors close in school, and would he like to? With this, he will either hymn or haw Or-------Straighten right up and smile ear to ear and Ask for your number to Proceed where he left off while Still in the same room with you.
    Good luck. xx


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  • It's his way of flirting. Do you see yourself dating him?

    • haha, that's where it gets tricky. I like him for many reasons, but there's another guy (whom I've liked for a LONG time) whose interest with another girl just fell through. I'm talking to him again now. basically I could see myself with either of them, it'll probably come down to who I go out with first I guess. thanks for your help! :)

  • As u both r fond of music ask him for a band song or a concert :)


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