It just feels like we're FWB!?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a month. He doesn't pay for any meals for me, we have a ton of sex when we hang out. K don't feel like I'm even being pursued, or that he does anything nice. I had a slow down because we were hanging out like every night but he would never pay for me but we would have tons of sex, so I thought that only seeing each other about twice a week would make it easier for us to go on more actual dates where he could swoon me, but it's just the same, I mean I'm not talking $50 meals, I'm like $4 at McDonald's and he still has me pay. I understand that he doesn't have that much money but last night he bought a sweater and shoes that ran him $100 and then we got good after and I still paid for my food and drink. I was livid and he said that he is not the guy that is going to pay for things, it's just not him, ok so then literally there is no other way to say it, we are FWB! He says no were not and that it hurts when I say that


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  • I don't know.
    This was a tough read for me.
    I guess I'm really not too sure what you're most upset about.
    Not the sex, that's obvious.

    When I'm unsure about guy stuff I rarely let it just go by.
    I let my guy know about think that seem to be cropping up.
    What I never do is retaliate.\
    What I mean, if he pissed me off, I don't do something deliberately to piss him off.

    I hope that helps a bit.
    To be honest you two sound a little too old for this.
    This is more like HS behavior.
    Just saying!


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  • Aww would you feel better if he threw some money your way sweetie? You do realize your boyfriend is not your dad right... He doesn't have to feed you every second
    Not every guy you meet is going to be the way you want, life isn't a fairy tale grow up you're (25-34) So if a guy doesn't pay for everything you want he's not your boyfriend... Sounds like you're looking for a sugar daddy lol

  • "So my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a month."

    "a month."



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  • Omfg grow up and pay for yourself. I've never expected a date or bf to pay for me, I pay for myself because I'm self sufficient. I want to be with the guy because I like him not his wallet.

    KUDOS TO THIS GUY FOR MAKING THE WOMAN PAY FOR HERSELF. Equality is all the time not when you want to be a mooch.

  • yes , i understand that this might be a little insulting , mayeb try to not have sex with him for a couple weeks and see how will he react , if he turned rude or not calling you as he used , then leave him not worth it

  • Even friends with benefits casually pick up the tab. I know you said he spent $100 on some clothes, but possibly he is just cheap? Does he spend money on other things?

    • Yes, he just went out and bought some destiny game

    • Hmm, yea, I would have a problem with that!

      I do know some of my friends who insist on paying but it sounds like he is not even offering.

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