Anybody ever have a whomp whomp moment on a date. This young women I work with I finally asked her out. She agreed and on our date she told me sh?

Had two kids. Instantly whomp whomp. She saw it in my face two. We went dutch I think she know what that means.


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  • Next time ask a few more questions before committing to a date. It will save both of you time and money.

    • Seems like a weird question to ask in any situation

    • Not if it's done tactfully.
      start by offering some info about your personal past. Then ask if she had been married or had a significant long term relationship. based on the response proceed to ask one or two key questions then drop it.
      Allow her the same.

    • Nope sounds weird

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  • Yes I was on a date with a special ed teacher and she admitted that she hates 'retarded' kids. Terrible person, game over.

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