Ever meet someone you feel connected to, have so much in common, have chemistry with but it's almost like you're on different time frames?

This happened to me recently. I felt so connected to him but at the same time not it was weird. He's almost two years younger than me and the way he deals with things shows our age difference. I really liked him as a person but his communication style and maturity are so behind me. I'm pretty saddened by this because I thought it could end up being something great. Has that ever happened to you?


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  • Obviously you didn't have chemistry. Such silliness.

    • Chemistry is attraction so yes there was.

    • "Chemistry" is an ambiguous term used to make people feel better. You were attracted... but totally not attracted... at the same time.

  • Yep, she was in with a crowd of morons too. One person with me, another with them.


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