How to go about meeting new people at the gym?

I recently rejoined the gym but haven't really been meeting anyone there so far , have seen some younger women I'd be interested in meeting but not a lot seem to go at same time I'm there. last night was one I was really interested in and saw her when I first got there then she seemed to leave soon afterwords so never got a chance to even say hi. but still feel rather clueless how to go about trying to meet anyone in this sort of place and find a lot of girls like to do there own thing and feel guys at gym just want sex or check them out in tight clothing


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  • I don't like being approached at the gym. I'm there with an agenda and I'm sweaty and not wearing any makeup etc etc etc. Point I'm trying to make though in general is don't pick the ones who have earbuds or headphones on. People wear them for a reason. And yes folks... even at my advanced age I still get hit on at the gym :-P


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  • excuse me, you mind given me a spot?


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