What do guys consider "cute"?

I know guys call girls pretty, beautiful etc, but how does a guy view a girl in order to call her cute? What makes him see her in that way? Is that just a nice way of calling her unattractive? Opinions & examples would be helpful! :) Does it refer more to personality or appearance?

Thanks a million! :)


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  • You know, there are some stuffs that make me feel like there are some air made by bricks under my knees.

    Here are some of those stuffs...
    >When her long hair blown away by the wind
    >When she dress beautifully to have a romantic dinner with you
    >When she dares you to dance
    >When she acts kindly to every person
    >She plays with nearby toddlers in the mall's food court.
    >She hugs you from behind when you feel down
    >She randomly whisper you "I love you" while waiting in line. Just to break the ice.
    >She's still waiting for 1 hour because you forgot the date, but she lied about it
    >She leans on you if there's a chance
    >She makes a silly joke
    >She treasures pictures of you
    >She appreciates whatever that you ever give to her
    >She was there when you're down
    >She accepts you as who you are, she loves you even you don't have a car.
    >And the best of all... she forgives your mistake

    Yes, even girls can make guys melt a guy's heart to stone :P

    • Thanks for participating in my question, although you didn't exactly answer it in a straight forward way, lol! :) appreciate it

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    • https://i.imgur.com/vB9B5h.jpg

      For got to include that one :P

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  • www.fashionspictures.com/.../...or-Black-Women.jpg

    She's cute.


    Beautiful? Yes. Cute? No.

    Disclaimer: Cuteness is subjective.

  • For me, cute is exclusively for face, nothing else, and it's a very positive compliment. Cute, beautiful, and pretty for me, means the same.
    I want a girlfriend that has a cute face, so in my opinion, it is a very good compliment, it has nothing to do with being unattractive, it's totally the opposite.

  • I don't bother with the super cute girls anymore because I've found them to be so mean and nasty. Ironically, I've found that the taller, stronger, more dominant women that intimidate most men, tend to be sweeter. I guess it's because they get less attention from men. Small cute girls are basically bombarded by perverts hitting on them, and it turns them bitter and hateful.

    • I hope that's not true but it's an interesting theory, lol :) I always get "cute" but it's actually because I'm too nice & can be a pushover, lol :) Oh well :P

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    • @ChicaDelMar Well cute usually implies being small and defenseless, it mainly applies to things like babies and puppies. I studied cartoons a bit, and there are actually a lot of features that cartoonists use for their characters specifically because they have the cute factor. Tall and strong are not on that list of features. They could have other cute features though so it's possible I guess.

    • Thanks for the insight. I guess I'm just a bit puzzled because the adjective I get from everyone is always cute. I'm just not what you describe at all. lol

  • a stuffed animal

    • I guess that can be a good thing? Lol :) Thanks for answering

  • Innocent a little ditzy like somebody you may have to protect. Kinda makes you feel like a man

  • Cute as in baby face and a luvable personality. Also an example of body gesture is when she blushes or make cute voices ;3

  • A girl whos shy, but really sweet, dont wear sexy stuff, but still looks good. Basically, 99% of Asian girls.

    I have yellow fever, im really sorry about that. I can't help, they are too cute, please, help me :(

    • I get "cute" a lot but I'm not Asian, lol :) And how can I help you? Lol

    • I dont know!!! I think there's no cure. :(

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