Is there a reason he acts like this? ANY IDEAS?

talking to this guy can be difficult because he doesn't cooperate meaning i feel the pressure falls on me to come up with the questions or topics - and because of that conversations quickly become awkward if i can't think of anything. he basically answers my questions and/or asks the same questions back - he also starts playing with his phone

then at times he avoids me and its so obvious though i tend to ignore it - the rare moments he comes to me on his own, smiles when he sees me, and/or sits with me on the bus on his own - im starting to think he's just being nice because of his other behavior

he's not like this with other girls I've seen his interactions on facebook/instagram and real life he's more open and outgoing with them

when we do talk he seems like he doesn't know what im talking about though i know he knows very well and doesn't tell me his weekend plans fully but asks questions about mine when they come up - also he acts uninterested or lacks enuthsiasm when we talk about things i know he enjoys very well and probably would act differently when talking to someone else about the same thing

a couple days ago i was ahead of him in the bus line but we happened to look at eachother and smiled. i decided not to go in the bus because i didn't want him to feel he has to talk to me because of his behavior. so i stood on the side, but he came up to me and made a surprised look and gestured me to go in so i did. at the end he asked me if i wasn't plannning on getting on the bus i said no and made an excuse (ive done the same thing before with him for the same reason) - does he think im avoiding him?

ps we both are 20 i know childish lol


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  • Do you keep re-asking this question? There's all kinds of possibilities for this answer. For example there might be something about you that makes him nervous. He may not like you but is being polite. He may like you a lot but doesn't know what to say to you etc. If you really want to know ask him. Ask him out. Do something because what you've been doing is getting you nowhere


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