I can't seem to find the answer to my problem?

Hello everyone my name is Lucas,
I am a kind person who loves to sport and game alike but I have a major problem and that is when I even remotely think about kissing a girl, like picturing myself kissing someone I find attractive my heart goes out of control it starts to beat much too fast even more then when I sport intensively, also I have a tendency to be extremy shy around a girl who'm I like especially so when I think she might feel something for me too but I can't make the first move,
I was wondering if perhaps you could give some constructive criticism and some help surrounding this subject, thank you in advance.


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  • Dear Sacoel

    It appears you have a fear, and the best way to deal with a fear is to confront it. How do we do this by arming yourself with knowledge of kissing. Experts have come up with ways that you can practice, without a girl. however, the best way to learn is to practice with the real thing. If you are honest enough, most women will find this refreshingly cute and would be willing to show you how. Women find kissing the ultimate turn on, and asking the girl your to give you pointers is not bad. See most men are egotistical and hate being instructed or told what you were doing is wrong. However, if you want to get better and get over your fear then you must try. Master Yoda told Luke "Dont Try, do or do not!" So here are the principles 1. read on fears of kissing. 2. research kissing techniques on the web, and practice. 3. find a girl who is cool, who will teach you, or show you or who will practice with you. Good Luck and pucker up!

    • thanks a lot Wisenguber for the info and tips I'll be sure to look up the things you told me to, and I'll see if I find someone who would be willing to help me but I doubt a lot of girls would though.

    • I said I would try to talk it over with a girl that might help me but apparently I just can't,
      I know that if I ask someone to teach me and to take the initiative that I will automatically start to avoid this person because I know that it will lead to when I don't :/ .

    • My friend when you are ready, you'll know, dont rush yourself or think you have to prove anything to anyone, when the time is right, it will be thrusted upon you, and you will not know it was coming. So when the stars align, and the mood is set, the kiss of a lifetime will be born, and your fears of yesterday will be legends for tomorrow.

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  • It sounds like anxiety try talking to other girls that your not attracted to so you can build your confidence and maybe keep your breathe calm

  • Sounds like a panic attack. Maybe work on breathing techniques.


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