Is this what you mean by "nice guy"?

I've seen a lot of questions by guys asking about why girls like "bad boys" and not "nice guys". I've been talking to a girl for about a week now, and she pretty bland. She doesn't do much, she doesn't quite have a sense of humor, but she's nice.

Basically, does the term "nice guy" actually mean boring? Like, are these nice guys boring and unappealing?

Good to know! I had never thought of it like that


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  • "Nice Guy" means being a push over and not asserting your beliefs and ideas. It means trying to do everything for the woman, from overly protecting her to trying to appease her with gifts. Its when you show you're needy towards her.


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  • Yeepp exactly. Want dont want an asshole but it happens that they are more exciting but would. be better if we find an exciting and a good guy at the same time. They call him nice bcz he hasn't done anything bad or hurtful , been nice but boring


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  • Yes, exactly. Nice guys typically come across as either boring, insecure, or both. Women hate that. That's why they'd rather go for the asshole. Yeah, he's mean, but he's also exciting, and confident. Things women love.

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