Whats up with this girl, does she like me?

I asked her out and since she was homeschooled and everything was new to her she told her parents and everything went bad after that but recently like she has been bringing up the subject a lot about us going on a date, and then she says like it be awesome if liked you you live 5 seconds away and our families know each other, but I dont wana fuck you I just like talking to you, so is she confused or what like why is she bringing it up?



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  • She is either super awkward or likes you, confront her about it

    • yea I have like she tells me she loves me as a friend but nothing more but then she tells me she dreamt of us on a date so idn what to do, and when I went over to see her bro today she went red when she saw me so idn whats happening its so weird

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