What DIY project or gift could I do/make for my boyfriend before I leave for Basic next month?

After months of talking, we finally decided to "become an item" because we're both confident that we can handle the obstacles that are to come. I want to make something special for him before I leave next month. Preferably, something that isn't expensive but more thoughtful. I was wanting to give it to him near or on Christmas. Help?
Thank you all in advance.


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  • omg I have 2 very cute ideas that I did this year for him

    1: "52 things I love about you"
    what you'll need:
    -a deck of cards
    -sticky plain white name tags
    -colorful pens
    -hole puncher

    So basically punch a hole in the top left corner of the cards and tie a ribbon through it. Then on each card, stick the name tag on it, and write one thing you love about him; using the first and last cards as covers. Make it Christmas colours and a cute font and do it artsy. If you're not artsy that's okay because it will be cute to know that you put thought into it.

    2: "Open When..."
    what you'll need:
    -envelopes and blank cards (preferably colorful envelopes)
    -colorful pens/markers/pencil crayons
    -cute stickers

    Basically for this one you take each envelope, and write "open when ______" (example: having a bad day, when you're sad, when you need a laugh, when you need a smile, etc). Then he opens it and write a memory you had together, a quote , a picture, or a witty comment on each of the cards that would make him feel better depending on what the "Open when.." is. Then just put cute stickers all around the cards.

    • and since your going away, you could do this:

      What you'll need:
      -plain white mug
      -a black sharpie, a red sharpie

      so for this one, you just take the mug, and draw a map that has both where your going to be an his location on it. Do this in black. Then with your red marker, do a little heart where you're going to be, and do a dotted line (in red) leading to where he is and put a heart at his location. For example, this is the one I did: