Someone please help me. He hurt me ao badly. I feel like the only way I can get over him is if I get closure. Please help?

I met this guy and we really fell for each other. He would give me forehead kisses, cuddle me, say he really wants to date me, constantly ask me if I'm seeing other guys, hold my hand, play with my hair...

And then he just stopped talking to me. I haven't gotten a text from him in two months and there was never any goodbye. Yet, he still continues to like all of my pictures on Instagram. (i unfollowed him, im not sure if he noticed because he still follows me)

He knows I never had a boyfriend before either (im 22). im really hurt. he was the first boy i ever really liked. why did he do this? im so sad, i wish he knew how much i am hurting.


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  • Im guessing he is still attracted to you but maybe found some other girl he wants more, he keeps liking your instagram pictures to make sure you still think about him, so you dont think he is gone entirely.

    If he suddenly stopped talking to you out of the blue without any argument, you should ask him what he is doing just to see how he responds. If he ignores you, then move on and try to forget about him. Im not sure how instagram works but if its possible remove him as a follower?

    • the last time i texted him i said hey and all he said was hey back so i didn't respond

    • Dont chase him, if he wants you he will try to reach out to you. And if he does be conservative with your messages. there could be many reasons he backed off, but dont expect much from him unless he starts to show some effort.

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  • Maybe he heard something about you than made him not want to date you.