Would you date a stereotypical gay guy if he was straight?

It seems like women want men to be more like gay men - talking about their feelings, shopping, dressing in tight clothes, just more feminine. Girls say they want those things but I think They would find it unattractive once they actually had it. There is that image of a very stereotypical gay guy in which most of us can envision. If there was a guy like that but straight, would you date him?

  • Yes, absolutely. That's my dream.
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  • I'd try, it could work.
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  • I'd try, but I doubt it would work.
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  • I don't think so.
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  • See answers.
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  • I already kinda am. We are... I don't know what we are exactly (haven't DTR'd yet), but he's bisexual and has his "gay" moments and I don't mind them.


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  • A guy who has a lot of ideas about makeup tricks, stretch marks and push-up bras? That's the suicide! :P

  • I meant to press D but my finger accidentally hit A

  • No. I like ruggedness.


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