I like her but sometimes I feel like we are not meant to be/?

I like my girlfriend we have been going out for 2 months. we have chemistry but sometimes i feel that we are not meant to be and i dont love her i like her but i dont love her i dont think about her all the time. I like spending time with her even though sometimes we dont have a lot to talk about. She is a little shy i always try to have a good conversation with her but sometimes she doesn't help me with the conversation by going with it. I feel different with this girl like if we are not meant to be. What should i do, should i talk to her and see if she feels the same way or is it too soon in our relationship and things will her get better. I need some advise please.


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  • Was that relationship based on love? Or a crush? Coz if it's the latter, that's on unstable foundation