How to know if you love someone, and how to get over them?

So I knew this guy a few years back, he was my friends cousin. We went on a camping trip together and he flirted with me a lot and he was about 3 years older. I tried to make it obvious I didn't like him but I actually did. I would only see him a few times, he tried to kiss me multiple times and I wouldn't let him, he would continue to flirt and I started to flirt back I think. Now for the last like year or so I haven't seen him. But since that first time we met I couldn't get him off my mind. I'd forget about him, see him again and then like him again over and over it went. And now that I haven't seen him I would try to get him off my mind. He always sneaks his way back in. I recently found out that he now has a girl friend and prior to finding that out I tried to contact him through my friends Facebook ( I don't have one) to tell him I like him. He didn't respond (I said hi, not "I like you). Anyways now that I know he has a girlfriend... I'm trying to be happy for him... it's harder than I thought. I never had him, but I'm jealous. Now I wish I had taken the chance 3 years ago... he's the one who got away I guess.

Anyways I want to know is this Love? (I've honestly never loved someone besides like family so that's why I don't know) just a simple crush? and how do I move on?

I know this is very stupid, and I should deal with it on my own but I just want some advice :/

I would love some advice
I knew him for 2 years to clear things up it's a bit confusing I know.


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  • You don't know him well enough to be in love with him. Its an infatuation


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  • This is a crush. If it was love you would have found him in that year you didn't see him. If he has a girlfriend then let it go and find another guy to move on with.