Why don't guys my own age like me? I only get hit on by older guys?

I've only been asked out or hit on by much older guys. I find it creepy and harassing. I'm only ever been complimented on or hit on by guys 4+ to 10+ years older then me. I've never been one to fit in with my age group of males (I'm emotinally mature, tall, intellectual, really nerdy, bold and funny). I have a lot of friends (boys and girls who like my personality and think I'm funny/pretty/smart). I'm not super weird, I just say what I think and act the way I am. I don't give a damn to fit in. I really don't care about dating right now, but why do only creepy, unattractive, old, pervy guys like me? Guys my age like me as friends and think I'm kind and funny but also think I'm an overacheiver and weird:(
Guys: is there something wrong with me? Why don't guys my own age like me?
Girls: Are you the same way? Why do you think I attract older guys?
I'm 15 and a sophmore by the way, thank you for answering:) it's just something that makes me feel really insecure and bad about.


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  • I have a little sister who's similar to you. I think the problem is that you're subconsciously trying to look older than your age, which I could tell from your profile pic. You're beautiful but you almost don't need to do anything to prove it other than be yourself and act your age! Try switching tight yoga pants for denim or sportswear, change the lady's bag for a practical backpack and skip on the lipstick and makeup in general and just act naturally. Play sports, have more young fun and worry much less about the community. You will eventually catch up and grow into an older lady of class, so no need to hustle it ;)
    Try to do that for one week and you'll see you'll start attracting the right people.
    Sorry if what I said does not apply to you! But I just thought it would, I hope it helps!

    • Thank you!
      I'll try it, I guess I do tend to dress older, but that's just because of my parents being very fashionable people.

    • Your answer was really helpful, Thanks!

    • Thank you for considering my advice! :) My little sister goes all mental if anyone (especially mum) criticises what she does or her style. I'm pretty sure your parents are admirable people, but the only thing you probably shouldn't copy them at is their fashion sense, as you belong to a different generation. Even better, I've noticed the tomboy type of girls are getting all the hot boys now ;) Tastes shifted it seems. Please let me know how everything goes!

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  • "I'm emotionally mature, tall, intellectual, really nerdy, bold and funny"
    Maybe that makes you intimidating to guys your age
    You might have a warm personality once people know you, but do you physically seem approachable

    From your picture I would never guess you were 15 so maybe that fact is what draws in older guys overall
    Teenage years are weird for guys mentally we don't mature as fast as women so maybe the lack the confidence and experience to ask you out

  • Guys your age are afraid.

  • guys even 10 years older? wow.. what the heck?

  • you would think older guys wouldn't be attracted to you
    cause i find your personality intimidating just by what
    you call older men perverts and creeps wow i feel bad
    for your dad and all his friends poor guy.

    • I didn't call older men creeps and perverts. I called the older guys who flirt with me creeps and perverts.

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