Me and my girlfriend don't spend enough time together?

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for like 1 and a half years, but we barely even see each other. We don't go on dates or hang out. We meet at church once or twice a week. We barely have time to talk there (about 20 minutes). I really feel like we should spend more time together, but she feels its fine how it is. Does anyone have any advice for this?

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  • Approx 20 min 1-2x a week is equal to approx an hour and 20 mins a month which is equal to maybe less than 16 hours a yr. With 2x a week, it's almost 2 days a yr.
    So a whole yr is equal to 1-2 days if my math is right.
    After you both finish college, you'll prob have more time depending on your careers.


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  • Well if one person doesn't want more then there won't be more. Sad fact of life.

  • Don't fuck up where I did homie, I had a girl who was all about me and I was all about her but school started and I stopped talking with her and then she broke up with me so you've gotta talk with her a fair bit each day even if it's just texting it's important.

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