What are reasons you don't call/text back a first date?

Talked with this guy for about a week, morning till night, and we finally went on a date. I thought overall it went well, we had decent convo, kind of made out, etc he even at one point in a funny way after we made out asked when we could hang out again. Next day sent a simple hey text, he responded back, but when I responded after never got a reply and he still hasn't texted me since, which I find weird, bc like I said we'd go all day talking. I just think its kind of lame and rude to at least not say hey not interested, something along the line, rather than just never talk again?


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  • I don't want to talk to them.

    • Uh could ya elaborate? Generally people follow up after first date unless something went wrong

    • No, sometimes I just don't want to. No reason.

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