Too late to get a girlfriend? (read on)?

So first off, I am not saying that I will be single for the rest of my life. I know better than that.

Basically, I graduate college next semester. During my entire time here, I have not had one girlfriend, never went on dates, and the same will be said about highschool. My time abroad was different, but nothing happened, a double date that ended less than lackluster, and nothing really special, but my ability to converse with women increased exponentially.

Basically, is expecting to find someone in my last semester of college unrealistic? I've had missed opportunities due to my own insecurities, but I'd like to think I've improved upon those.

So, simple question, is it a lost cause to try to find someone the semester I graduate?

Be honest, and please take the time to put some thought in your answer, none of these 1-2 sentences or even one worded responses, those are annoying.


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  • I would suggest against trying to rush into a relationship just because it is your last semester in college. A relationship (or at least not a serious relationship that you want to last) is not something that you want to desperately seek because that may lead to you hooking up with the first girl that shows intrest in you and not someone who you are actually compatible with. Don't take this the wrong way and think I'm telling you to abandon looking for love your last semester just actively search for your love intrest while at the same time makeing sure that the two of you are right for each other. Now as for when college ends don't feel down about not finding someone instead start activly searching social media and try to build friendships with woman that you feel you are compatible with. You may also try dating sites which also can lead to strong lasting relationships. Don't listen to the people who say online dating is a sham because I met my wife on Facebook and her and I would've never spoken if not for the fact we had friends in common seeing as we went to rival highschools. Just stay positive and use the resources you have at your disposal and I'm sure you'll find the woman of your dreams bro. Hope this helps!

    • It does man, and yeah, I'm the rare breed that wants to get it right the first time. Hooking up is stupid. You sir, have one internet beer on me

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  • I think you can't rule out the possibility, I'd hate to sound cliche but quite literally... anything could happen. If you do find a girl, however, don't automatically think this may be some sigh that she is heaven sent and you will marry the gal undoubtedly, just take things at a regular pace as you would with any relationship. From the sound of it, you're more into waiting for the opportunity to arise rather than creating one. I wouldn't do that if I were you, especially if you're actively looking.

    • Haha, I'm not one of those guys that thinks "she said yes to a date! I'll marry her!" I just feel like my chances will drop down exponentially once I graduate. And believe me, I've more than attempted to create an opportunity, the results were less than, well good haha

    • where were the locations where you tried to create opportunities? & I wouldn't say that, as long as you get outside and go to events that interest you, other people with similar interests will attend AND BAM YOU HAVE A WHOLE POOL OF WOMEN.

    • House parties, bars, if you look at what I told the anon below, my lack of success is in part due to copious consumption of alcohol. Besides that, I do a lot of martial arts back back when I'm not at school (from Wisconsin, go to school in Iowa) and the opportunities I attempted to create ended in us saying it is better to be friends. People from class too, (been in college for 5 years btw) and that didn't work out, either they led me one, or my own insecurities let them slip away (a good 3-4 cases of the second one. 2 cases of the first)

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  • Its possible. I have known this girl for about 6 months but after like 3 months of knowing her I wanted to ask her out.

    After college you might be a bit hopeless to find a girl so try as hard as you can to find one.

  • Shots and beers will get you to where you want homie. You're saying you're not confident drink a little at a party have a girl over drink with her drink a little before class so you've got the alcoholic confidence it sounds kind of loser like to say but it'll improve you so much. My last girlfriend I had I was literally drunk for like our first 3 dates lol.

    • Because a 22 year old should take advice on drinking from an under 18 year old, unless you lied about your age. Trust me "homie", the few dates I've had ended badly, because I had one too many in me and house parties after a certain age are boring.

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    • if I want a woman as immature as you yes, I should. I don't care about being a virgin, I care about being lonely for the last 22 years of my life, but I guess that doesn't mean anything to you considering your generation is just a bunch of useless cuntbags who praise a degenerative lifestyle that lacks respect for others. Trust me, you think you may be happy now, but you won't be in the future

    • I get the good girls you want though bud, I'm the guy who you're going "Oh my god what a jerk why won't that good girl date me he's just a typical lacrosse player." so If you want the girls your chasing you can listen to me ;)